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In 2012, UTC Aerospace Systems was formed by combining two industry leaders, Hamilton Sundstrand and Goodrich, creating an organization with key positions on a wide range of aircraft flying today and substantial content on various UAVs, satellites and ground and naval vehicles.

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​Learn more about our great company, from the early days of our founding fathers to the latest innovations in aerospace systems today.



Goodrich enters Aerospace

Goodrich enters aerospace with airplane tires, which start to equip many of the first planes built in the U.S.


Thomas F. Hamilton & Paul J. Palmer

Thomas F. Hamilton & Paul J. Palmer found Hamilton & Palmer, building gliders and seaplanes in Seattle, Washington.


United Aircraft & Transport Co.

United Aircraft & Transport Corporation consolidates Hamilton Aero Manufacturing and Standard Steel Propeller into the Hamilton Standard Propeller Corporation. At the time, the company is the largest manufacturer of steel airplane propellers in the world.


Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Hamilton Standard and Goodrich provide critical systems to the Apollo 11 moon landing. From the sensors in Neil Armstrong’s backpack to environmental systems aboard the spacecraft, both companies are integral to the Apollo missions.


Hamilton Sundstrand Formed

United Technologies acquires Sundstrand Corp. and merges it with Hamilton Standard, creating Hamilton Sundstrand, one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace systems.


BFGoodrich Becomes Goodrich Corporation

In 2001, Goodrich divested its specialty chemicals business to focus even more on aerospace and industrial products. And, to signify this completion of its transformation, the company changed its name to Goodrich Corporation and adopted a new logo.


UTC Aerospace Systems Established

UTC closes its acquisition of Goodrich and combines the company with Hamilton Sundstrand to form UTC Aerospace Systems, one of the world’s largest suppliers of integrated aerospace solutions.