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Power Management Distribution

UTC Aerospace Systems is a leader in the design, development, qualification, manufacture, test and support for electrical power systems for NASA space applications. We have designed modular high voltage DC-DC converters as well as a Hall Effect Thruster breadboard Power Processing Unit (PPU). We also developed and delivered the Electric Power Control Unit (EPCU) under contract to NASA GRC to provide modular conversion and flexible switchgear for the Fluids Combustion Facility (FCF) experiment rack on the International Space Station (ISS).

A modular and flexible PMAD and PPU architecture directly supports this mission approach and can also be leveraged to other spacecraft PMAD architectures thus reducing overall PMAD life cycle costs for a wide range of platforms and missions.  This approach will also support the implementation of a Streamlined Avionics Framework (SAF) to maximize use of proven functionality from components to circuits to modules to boards to LRUs depending on mission requirements. SAF will also drive affordability aspects of the program through reduced non-recurring and recurring costs as well as controlling obsolescence and ensuring an open ended architecture.

Our extensive experience with high power systems for space applications and the availability of proven PMAD components can form the basis for a flexible and modular PMAD and PPU architecture that will enable growth for future space power demonstrations and applications. Standardized components will form a foundational set of hardware that can be used for a variety of missions and applications thus reducing overall electric power system costs.