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ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence)


What Is ACE?

ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) is the standard operating system for improving and sustaining quality and productivity throughout all of UTC.

The ACE Operating System defines our daily management system and has three major elements:
  1. Culture: A culture of full employee engagement at every level, with a relentless focus on continuous improvement.

  2. Tools: A set of tools aimed at transforming and sustaining business performance, and divided into three groups: Process improvement and waste elimination, Problem solving, and Decision making.

  3. Competency: The ability to understand the needs of the customer and the business, and apply the tools in a structured manner to deliver continuous improvement.
ACE progression is measured against a defined criterion which outlines the necessary requirements to achieve the increasing levels of ACE, from Qualifying to Gold. ACE Gold is the ultimate accolade and the highest award given to a UTC site which has met all the requirements of the ACE Criteria, and demonstrated continuous performance improvement over a defined period of time.

Kidde Graviner is currently an ACE Silver site, and plan to progress further to ACE Gold in 2014.

EH&S (Environmental Health & Safety)


UTAS EH&S Vision: "To be the safest, healthiest aerospace and industrial company with the smallest environmental footprint on the planet".

Kidde Graviner has committed to implement, maintain and continually improve an EH&S management system as part of its business. Application of an effective system is achieved through co-operation and effort at all levels in the organisation. The principles are contained in the policy statement EHS Policy Statement, which has the full commitment of the organisations management.

Kidde Graviner place major emphasis on the promotion of EH&S at work. The Company is working to reduce reportable injuries and illnesses and ergonomic injuries. The company policy is to do all that is reasonably practicable to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards; whether they are employed by the company, are authorised visitors on the premises or are users of its products.

Kidde Graviner is implementing measures to prevent pollution and preserve the environment including the reduction of greenhouse gasses emitted to the atmosphere, to reduce water consumption and implement effective waste management.

The company has established health, safety and environmental goals and has implemented business plans necessary to achieve these goals. The Company periodically evaluates it's EH&S Management Systems in order to reduce risks and continually improve the effectiveness of our EH&S processes.

Kidde Graviner are accredited to ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). Please see the Quality Approvals page for more details.