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Aircraft Protection

Fire Detection
  • Thermal / Overheat.
  • Smoke.
  • Optical.

Fire Extinguishing
  • Engine.
  • APU.
  • Cargo Bay.
  • Passenger Cabin.
  • Avionics.

Explosion Protection
  • Dry Bay.
  • Wet Bay.
  • Fuel Tanks.

Emergency Equipment (Inflation Products)
  • High-Pressure Vessels:
    • Helicopter Flotation Aids.
  • Submersion Actuators.
  • Control Valves.
  • Dry Bay Protection.




Information Brochures

Below is a list of information brochures that are available from our Sales Representatives:
  • Aircraft Applications.
  • Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Accurate & Positive Response To Fire & Overheat.
  • Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Channel DFDS Control Unit.
  • Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Dual Channel DFDS Control Units.
  • Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Single Channel DFDS Control Card.
  • Aircraft Unit FIREWIRE B777 Cargo Bay Extinguisher (Cargo Bay Fire Protection).
  • Complete Aircraft Hazard Protection.
  • Halon Alternatives.
  • Linear Optical Fibre Temperature Sensors.