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Kidde Graviner’s site in Colnbrook, England is an all-encompassing facility that is ISO 9001 / AS9100 certified for the design, development, manufacture, repair and overhaul, environmental / research testing and technical support of:

  • Fire protection systems and equipment;

  • High / low pressure inflation systems and equipment; and

  • Safety and arming mechanisms.

Specialised Equipment & Simulators

Kidde Graviner has extensive test house facilities which are available to provide climatic, vibration and EMC testing to all current civil and military specifications. Our global network of highly skilled technicians, research team and sales support staff combine technical expertise with commitment to service and deliver high quality products.

Some examples include:
  • Various large-scale environmental chambers.
  • Engine Nacelle Fire Test Simulator; used primarily to evaluate new extinguishing agents and suppression system designs under simulated, dynamic conditions.
  • Dry Bay Fire Test Simulator; used primarily to evaluate new extinguishing agents’ dispersion characteristics.
  • Gun Fire Test Range; capable of evaluating gunfire damage characteristics and simulated engine turbine blade penetration characteristics.

Development Activities

In order for us to continue providing the unmatched standard of products development activities are of critical importance to Kidde Graviner. Kidde Graviner’s Research and Development personnel have an even wider brief: not simply to find ways to protect human life from fire and explosion hazards and to develop affordable products which offer proven protection, but to do so without harming the environment.

For more information please see the 'Research & Development’ page.

Electronic Data Interchange

Kidde Graviner can fully support the concept of electronic data exchange with our customers. Kidde Graviner has capabilities which allow regular transmission of text / data files to our international affiliate companies, out-of-house support personnel, consultants and approved subcontractors. This link can also be made direct to any customer.