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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Tools

Autodesk INVENTOR Professional Suite.

Autodesk INVENTOR Professional with integrated Dynamic Simulation and Linear Static Stress Analysis capabilities. ANSYS Mechanical FEA package for modal, harmonic and random vibration simulation and analysis.

Electronic Simulation
P-Spice simulation for electronic design.

Software Compilers
C Hi-Tech Software Borland C++ Builder.

Programme Management Tools
Microsoft Project.

Mechanical / Electrical Design & Simulation

Along with the standard PC-based utilities, we make use of P-Spice simulation software for electronic design and various bespoke programmes for mechanical design and simulation. These are further supplemented by an ANSYS FEA package for static and dynamic stress analysis, vibration response and fatigue calculation.

Design & Manufacture

Automatic Test Equipment
Designed and built by a dedicated team, the ATE is based around a number of Marconi and Wayne Kerr automatic test stations. The individual modules are designed via. a Vutrax PCB design and layout package. Any required software is generated in Delphi Rapid Action Development and verified using internal testing and validation procedures.

Production Tooling
Dedicated tooling is produced in the manufacture and support of the Kidde Graviner product range. The tooling is designed to ensure quality and consistency of the products and eliminate the possibility of manufacturing error.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Internal PCB design is facilitated by the use of a Vutrax PC based package capable of muti-layer through hole solutions. The programme is able to produce designs based on schematic capture through to final PCB using manual and / or autoroute techniques. Low volume manufacture of printed circuit boards is also possible via the use of a LPKF Promat PCB package.

CAD Drawing Systems

Kidde Graviner use the latest version of the Autodesk Inventor suite. This provides two main packages - Inventor (for 3D solid modelling) and AutoCAD (for traditional 2D capabilities) as well as several other design tools. With this flexible set of software we are capable of digital prototyping; visualising our 3D mechanical designs and simulating them before we commit to real world manufacture to ensure the integrity of our designs from an early stage.

Vacuum Processing

Kidde Graviner possess a number of vacuum furnaces all dedicated to different product ranges. Chamber sizes range from 250mm to 300mm and temperatures of up to 1150 degrees centigrade are controlled via computer. An additional feature offered is the ability to inert the chamber via a back filling process, also under computer control. This enables tight temperature limits to be achieved and very clean assemblies, including ceramic to metal seals, to be produced repeatedly.

Semi-Custom IC Implementation

In recent years, supported by a number of key vendors, semi-custom integrated circuits have been successfully designed and produced with a view to reducing control unit size and enhancing reliability. In addition, hybrid and FPGA circuit minimisation techniques have also been implemented to good effect.

Value Engineering

Kidde Graviner prides itself on its ability to reduce the cost base of its product range while maintaining quality and reliability. This has been achieved via the careful selection of modern components, improved manufacturing techniques and enhanced tooling. The value engineering activity is underpinned by a teaming approach spanning all departments from purchasing through to manufacturing.

The Kidde Graviner Engineering Team fulfils two key complementary roles:
  • Designing and developing new products in support of the sales and marketing objectives.

  • Supporting and maintaining the existing products.
This necessitates, given the diversity of the Kidde Graviner product range, a broad range of skills and capabilities spanning both electrical and mechanical disciplines.

Project Management

In order to achieve the goal of completing the engineering projects 'On Time In Full' (OTIF) a strong project management culture is required. This approach is both inter-departmental and highly structured and focuses on the project plan, which in turn ensures that the customer requirements are fully met. Given that several projects are in progress at any one time, project management must also ensure the appropriate skills are available for any given programme in support of the OTIF target.

Associated Companies

Kidde Graviner have links with the following companies:
  • The Welding Institute (TWI).

  • Component Obsolescence Group (COG).

  • ERA.