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Halon Recycling & Banking

Users of installed halon 1301 and 1211 extinguishers have the opportunity to maintain essential installations and guarantee supply continuity with our halon banking and recycling facility. Combined with our extinguisher overhaul and filling capability this provides a comprehensive halon management programme to suit all requirements.

Kidde Graviner is one of a very limited number of service providers who have suitable halon reprocessing and recycling machinery known as a REACH machine), together with suitable facilities for the long term storage of halon, and we are pleased to offer a full halon banking service as part of the responsible management of the virtual global halon bank during the transition from halons to alternative agents that is now required for all non essential applications, in accordance with domestic and international regulations, including those that control the illegal venting of surplus halon into the atmosphere.

Halon Transportation

Regulation (EC) No 1005/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council, controls the import and export of the Halons to and from the EC.

Many of Kidde Graviner and Kidde Aerospace extinguishers contain Halon 1211 or Halon 1301. Import licences and export licenses must be obtained before undertaking an import or export transaction to or from the EC.

Halon Replacement Activity

Kidde Graviner, as part of Kidde Aerospace and Defense (KAD), has been developing alternatives to halons in a variety of applications during the past twenty years. The group’s research department is located at Kidde Graviner’s site in Colnbrook, and comprises dedicated laboratories and an outdoor fire testing range. A multi-disciplinary team of experienced scientists and engineers carry out testing and evaluation of new agents against the entire range of aviation and ground vehicle applications served by Kidde Graviner.

Recent achievements include the following:
  • HFC-227ea (FM-200) in aircraft lavatory waste bin extinguishers Alternative agents for military vehicle crew compartment protection (HFC-236fa (FE-36) and HFC-227ea/BC powder).
  • Developed hidden fire test scenario, now part of the industry standard procedure for evaluating candidate replacements for Halon 1211 in aircraft portable extinguishers; carried out approvals testing of FE-36 extinguisher witnessed by UL on behalf of US Federal Aviation Authority.
  • Participated in testing of second generation replacement agents at US Army Tank Command site, Maryland, USA.
Ongoing projects are focussed on the following key areas:
  • Viable alternatives to Halon 1301 in aircraft engine nacelles, auxiliary power units, portable extinguishers and cargo bays.
  • Fluorine-free agents for protecting military crew compartments.
  • Bus engine compartment fire detection and suppression systems.
  • External fire suppression systems for protecting military vehicle roofs and wheel wells.

Vehicle Wheel Fire Test Simulator

Wheel_prepared_for_fire_test    Wheel_on_fire    Successful_Extinguishing

Simulated Crew Compartment Explosion Test

Compartment_Explosion_Test    Compartment_Test_without_suppression
WITH fire supression.    WITHOUT fire supression.

Information Brochures

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