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Product Support

Kidde Graviner as part of the Kidde Aerospace and Defence group has an established worldwide network of Product Support Centres (PSCs). The major PSCs maintain the following features:
  • Dedicated spares Stock Room and Inventories.
  • Repair and Overhaul facilities separate from the main factory.
  • Dedicated full-time product support specialist personnel.
Being the largest supplier of aircraft fire protection in the world enables us to field the largest Product Support team to support operators after the product has been delivered and installed. We outnumber and outperform our competitors' product support in all areas, including:
  • Field Technical Services.
  • Technical Publications.
  • Repair & Overhaul.
  • Spares Distribution.
The resources and corporate expertise of our international organisation are available to all of our customers. This reduces the technical and economic risk to any customer who deals with an affiliate company. In addition, customers receive the benefit and convenience of product support applied on a worldwide basis. Specifically, this includes:
  • Regional service calls throughout the world.
  • Common product support guidelines.
  • Support offices staffed with direct KAD employees.
  • Worldwide capability for overhaul and repair parts distributed on a regional basis.



Kidde Graviner has a solid background in identifying and ensuring the availability of spares. This is also reflected in the Kidde Aerospace and Defence organisational structure and support policy, which places emphasis on responsive spares support to both commercial and military customers.

Initial Provisioning Spares

As part of our service to customers, experienced personnel are available to advise and assist in calculating spares requirements for service introduction of new airplane types, based on customer operating data (number of aircraft, number of bases, routes, etc.).