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In addition to an outstanding design and production team, the KG team provide the most complete array of protection and safety products backed by years of field experience and a 24-hour aircraft-on-ground (AOG) facility. Kidde Graviner also operate a Halon recycling and banking facility which offers users of installed Halon 1301 and 1211 equipment the opportunity to maintain continued support for their fire extinguishing systems.

Products & Services

Aircraft Protection
A340_Airbus Fire Detection.
Fire Extinguishing.
Explosion Protection.
Emergency Equipment
Agusta_Helicopter_Flotation Inflation Products. Inflation_Products
Commercial Vehicle Protection
Bombardier_Train Detection & Suppression.
Fire / Overheat Protection.
Clean Agent Solutions.
Ground Vehicles Protection
BAE_Land_Systems_Mil_Veh Crew Bay Protection.
Engine Bay Fire / Overheat Protection.
External Fire Protection.
Tyre & Underfloor Protection.
Service_Centre Repair & Overhaul.
Technical Services.
Design & manufacturing.
Environmental Test House Facilities.
Halon Recycling / Management.

Further Information

For more information please contact the sales department.