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ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) Mission Statement

Every day, in almost every country in the world, customers define our competitive excellence when they decide to buy our products and services or those of a competitor's. Similarly, investors define our competitive excellence when they choose to invest in us or in another company. Only by offering superior value to both customers and investors will our company continue to grow and prosper. Therefore, our quest for competitive excellence has no end.

Quality Policy

Kidde Graviner is committed to achieving competitive excellence and providing our customers with products and services designed, produced and maintained to meet or exceed their expectations by:
  • Complying with all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Enabling employees to achieve business and professional goals;
  • Continually improving processes through the ACE Operating System;
  • Extending Kidde Graviner quality management practices throughout the Supply Chain; and
  • Promoting a highly ethical environment.

Quality Manual (QM2000)

The Quality Manual describes the policies and procedures employed by Kidde Graviner to achieve this commitment. The manual identifies the policies and responsibilities applicable to the whole company and to every employee. It includes the operational procedures designed to achieve fitness for purpose and conformance to specification effectively, efficiently and economically.

The procedures in the Quality Manual are mandatory and the commitment of all employees ensures that our total quality objectives are achieved.

Please click here to view our Quality Manual.