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Technical Services

Kidde Graviner Technical Support provides technical assistance and support to operators of all Kidde Graviner aerospace and military vehicle products.

Technical Assistance Provided covers:

  • Response to technical questions and issues.
  • On-site technical support.
  • Product / system trouble shooting.
  • Repair support.
  • Product upgrades & retrofits.
  • Defect / warranty investigation.

Oil Mist Detectors (OMDs)

Please note that Kidde Graviner no longer handle OMD services.

For all OMD enquiries please contact Kidde AirSense.

Life Extension

For life extension on Kidde Graviner equipment contact John O'Brien.

NOTE: Items which are 'out of life' cannot be extended.

Technical Publications

Kidde Graviner Technical Support provides Component Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins and Service Information Letters at no cost to operators only. These publications conform to Air Transport Association (ATA) specifications. These publications are under continuing review and are revised as necessary.

Click here to access the ATA Index or contact John O'Brien for more information.

Component Maintenance, Overhaul & Repair Manuals

A Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) provides the shop maintenance instructions, equipment, materials, and parts list for the component(s) shown on the title page of the applicable manual.

Service Bullitens (SBs)

When necessary, a Service Bulletin (SB) is written to provide procedures, list of parts and any materials necessary for a field modification or inspection of a component.

Service Information Letters (SILs)

Service Information Letters (SILs) provide operators with additional information related to components. A SIL is advisory in nature and does not contain any maintenance, inspection or modification procedures.

For more information please contact John O'Brien.

Kidde Aerospace & Defense (KAD) Technical Publications

For more information regarding KAD Technical Services please contact:

Raghav Ojha
Technical Publications Analyst
Tel: +1 252 293 7379
E-Mail: [email protected]

For more information please contact the Technical Assistance Team.