Industry First: UTC Aerospace Systems’ REACh-Compliant Landing Gear Corrosion Protection Coating Ready For Use

  • New chromate-free primer is a first for use on steel parts for commercial airplanes developed in concert with United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
  • Now with UTC Aerospace Systems’ zinc-nickel plating, operators have a complete landing gear protection system that is fully REACH-compliant without sacrificing performance

FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW, July 17, 2018 – UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), today announced that its chromate-free landing gear corrosion protection primer, incorporating the company’s patented EcoSky® pigment, is ready for use. The pigment and primer are more environmentally friendly and compliant with the European Union’s REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations. The primer is a first for use on steel parts for commercial airplanes and was developed in concert with United Technologies Research Center (UTRC).

When UTC Aerospace Systems began developing the main landing gear for the A350-1000, Airbus asked the company to design a system that was fully REACh-compliant. In response, UTC Aerospace Systems introduced a zinc-nickel plating solution for the gear’s steel components as a drop-in replacement for traditional cadmium and titanium cadmium plating, which do not comply with the new REACh regulations.

While chromate-free anti-corrosion primers for aluminum parts were already on the market, their use cannot be universally adopted in aerospace. UTC Aerospace Systems found their protection unsatisfactory for zinc-nickel plating, so it decided to develop its own. The new primer works on both zinc-nickel plating as well as traditional cadmium plating. The chromate-free primer coating not only meets stricter regulations, it also stands up to the rigor of aircraft landings.

During a two-year field evaluation with Toronto’s Porter Airlines onboard a Bombardier Q400 Dash 8, the primer matched the performance of conventional chromate primers for steel parts. Even after more than 4,000 landings and exposure to extreme weather and de-icing chemicals, the primer exhibited no signs of corrosion, blistering or degradation.

In addition to the evaluation with Porter, the primer was also put through two years of beachfront testing on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, where it endured continuous exposure to UV rays and the harsh marine environment. The primer also survived 4,500 hours of laboratory salt fog testing—more than double the industry requirement of 2,000 hours.

Torque Links

This image shows Porter’s Q400 Dash 8 landing gear following the two-year field evaluation with UTC Aerospace Systems’ chromate-free landing gear corrosion protection primer. Despite the rigorous operating environment, the torque links show no signs of corrosion, blistering or degradation.

UTC Aerospace Systems has received interest in the product from multiple commercial and military customers, and is currently working with suppliers to get the primer into production. The company anticipates the primer will be ready for sale by year’s end. This product will allow the replacement of hazardous chromated paint for some UTC Aerospace Systems applications, create a safer work environment and allow operators to meet REACh regulations.

“At UTC Aerospace Systems, we’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers and developing products and solutions that are more environmentally friendly,” said Landing Systems President Jim Wharton. “Having proven itself in comprehensive field testing, our industry-leading primer, with our patented EcoSky® pigment, will help aircraft manufacturers comply with REACh regulations without sacrificing performance.”

“Our researchers use their scientific expertise to solve complex problems that bring value to our customers and positively impact our industries,” said Steve Tongue, Senior Director, UTC Aerospace Systems Program Office, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC). “This chromate-free primer is a great example of leveraging world-class materials science capabilities to solve a real world challenge to enable an industry-first product.”

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