Advanced cabin control systems include safety of flight equipment such as door dampers and propeller and rotor brakes for both civil and military applications. Door dampers are fitted in the door arm mechanism and perform the function of damping the passengers doors in normal and manual operations and emergency opening in case of evacuation of the aircraft.

Propeller brakes replace APU on ground and stop the propeller (dynamic use), avoiding its rotation on ground. Helicopter rotor brakes keep the rotor from turning when rotorcraft is parked and during engine spin-up, enhancing safety of ground operations and assist in stopping the rotors upon engine shutdown. Key benefits of propeller and rotor brake systems include increased aircraft/rotorcraft mobility reducing dispatch time.

Based on strong field experience and active research and development programs, Propeller Systems is engaged in product continuous improvement and technology development for next gen applications. Recent advancements include electric power drive, providing important weight reduction for the aircraft.

Our cabin control systems are highly reliable and commercially proven. We provide flexible optimized solutions for an array of customer needs.​