We are a recognized leader in ice detection and ice protection systems for all-weather operation of aircraft. Our products are tested among our five Research & Development wind tunnels, which includes some of the most advanced icing testing capabilities in the world.

In 1932, we developed the first commercial pneumatic ice protection system for the Northrop Alpha mail plane. We continue to build on our history, applying new de-icing technology to already proven products to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Today, our ice protection products include Goodrich FASTboot® and Goodrich SILVERbootpneumatic de-icers; propeller de-icers; DuraTherm® electrothermal ice protection and heating products; rotor ice protection systems (RIPS); and wiper systems. To learn more, visit our Goodrich De-icing Systems website at www.goodrichdeicing.com.

Since 1965, we have produced ice detection systems for use on major aircraft programs and are a recognized leading supplier of aircraft ice detection systems. Collins Aerospace’ vibrating probe ice detectors are the only systems certified for primary ice detection use on commercial transport airplanes by the FAA. Our ice detection products offer flexible, robust designs to detect ice in a wide range of icing environments, not only for aircraft but also ground-based applications such as wind turbines and airport weather stations.