Primary power distribution systems (PPDS) and secondary power distribution systems (SPDS) enable seamless control and protection of all electrically powered devices, such as window wipers, fans, pumps, heaters and lights. Power distribution systems incorporate the use of solid state power controllers (SSPCs), which increase the reliability of the aircraft by eliminating lower reliability components. Unlike a centralized electric power distribution systems, distribution units that contain SSPCs can be distributed throughout the aircraft and remotely controlled, allowing them to be strategically located to minimize total aircraft wiring.

In optimized aircraft architecture, these systems can be used to eliminate components, wiring, weight and cost. This reduction in weight contributes to aircraft fuel efficiency enhancement. In addition, aircraft manufacturers benefit from the significant reduction in time necessary to install the aircraft’s power distribution system. Microprocessors in the system incorporate fault detection algorithms that enhance the maintainability of aircraft, making it easier for operators to identify and correct aircraft technical problems.

Our solid state distribution systems have been selected by numerous customers to provide power distribution functionality for the aircraft of today and tomorrow.​