Air conditioning systems include components and controls that govern cabin temperature management and control, fresh airflow, heating and cooling, and cargo temperature control. Collins Aerospace can provide either pneumatic air cycle based technology or vapor cycle systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Use of air cycle refrigeration technology allows refrigerated fresh air to be mixed with re-circulated air, heated or cooled, then delivered to the aircraft compartments to pressurize and ventilate these areas with conditioned air.

Enabling system technology includes the patented condensing cycle that is highly efficient, resulting in a reduction in system weight and sophisticated software-based controls that optimize performance throughout the flight envelope. In addition, system reliability is enhanced through highly reliable air bearing air cycle machines, which leads to longer intervals between overhauls.

Use of vapor cycle refrigeration technology allows chilled air to be generated electrically, using environmentally safe refrigerants in a closed loop system. Technology such as the Collins Aerospace “economized” cycle enhances the cycle efficiency and allows the use of smaller and lighter components when compared with a standard vapor cycle.

Key benefits of air conditioning and temperature control systems include passenger and aircrew comfort through temperature and humidity control and safe cargo storage and handling.​​