Fly by wire Controls Systems allow for automatic functions such as aircraft stability and offer redundancy in both computers and electronics to ensure safety and maximize reliability for flight, landings and take-off.

Primary Flight control systems drive the aircraft attitude in the sky by operating the flight surfaces with aileron, elevator, and spoiler actuators including the Trimmable Horizontal Surface Actuator (THSA).

State-of-the-art Fly by Wire technology is now Electro Hydrostatic Actuation (E.H.A., including Electro Hydrostatic Back Up Actuator E.B.H.A.).

Lift systems drive the Flap and slats to increase the wing lift for landings and take-off.

As for the primary flight controls systems, EHA technology is transitioning toward more electrical technology such as Electro Mechanical Actuator (actuators where command and power are electrical, but are used to directly operate a mechanical gear transmission, without hydraulic fluid need).